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IPSA/APSA Statement on the Central European University (CEU)

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) has released a statement on the conflict between the Central European University and the Hungarian Government, which has now been endorsed by the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA):

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) is deeply concerned about the eventual consequences of the recent proposal by the Hungarian Government to amend the country’s Education Law such that Central European University (CEU) will not be able to continue its work in Hungary. The CEU is a highly respected institution that excels in many disciplines including Political Science. We feel that its closing would be a significant loss for the international political science community as well as for the Hungarian Political Science Association and our Hungarian colleagues.

IPSA is dedicated to the pursuit of the academic study and teaching of political science and its various sub-disciplines. This endeavor which entails close cooperation among political scientists around the world including IPSA’s national member organizations, can only be conducted if the academic freedom of scholars and their institution are respected. We feel that the proposal of the Hungarian government constitutes an attempt to silence an institution that is committed to the preservation of academic freedoms, an institution where political science is studied and taught in a manner which is commended by colleagues from around the world. We consider the proposal to be in violation the academic freedom of our colleagues working at the CEU, and therefore strongly object to its adoption.

IPSA requests the Hungarian Government to reconsider its decision and withdraw the amendment to the country’s Education Law.

İlter Turan


The Nerds’ New Content Partner

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve become a partner with the POP Politics Australia blog and will be syndicating show content into their feed from this Sunday.

We’re a good fit for POP Politics, as they:

explore both established and new forms of political participation and organisation. The POP Politics Blog is intended to stimulate the work of the group and foster connections between academic and practice based researchers.  It aims to promote and broaden the debate about political participation and organisations in critical and reflective way.

Sound interesting?  Check out their great posts:

APSA Statement on US President’s Travel Ban

The Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) has now released its statement on the travel ban to the United States, a ban that has already begun to affect our members and students.
The statement reads:

The Australian Political Studies Association is deeply concerned by the Executive Order issued by the US President on January 27th 2017. The Executive Order bans entry into the United States for 90 days for travellers with citizenship from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen and bans travellers from Syria indefinitely.
A travel ban on people of selected nationalities harms academic freedom and inhibits the global exchange of knowledge and ideas that is central to academic enterprise. This is particularly harmful coming from a country which has such an important presence in the global academy. Australian-based academics who are citizens of or refugees from the affected countries, or who undertake research in the affected countries, may now face significant barriers to conference attendance, research or fellowships in the United States. Many American-based academics will now face the prospect of being unable to return if they leave the United States to attend conferences or undertake research. The uncertainty around the legality of this order, its exact terms, and how it will be implemented makes it very difficult for potentially affected people to plan international travel for either work or family reasons. This is unacceptably discriminatory and destructive of academic freedom.
We are also concerned that a ban on refugees for any length of time violates the obligations of the United States under the Geneva Convention, and that this ban targets people of Muslim faith in a way that may violate the United States Constitution. It endangers vulnerable people around the world and will damage relations between the United States and other countries. We join the calls of numerous Political Science associations worldwide, and express solidarity with our colleagues in the USA and with all Americans who are urging the President and the United States government to end this ban immediately.

You can link to the APSA statement here:


Hey Election Nerds fans!

We’re in the middle of setting up a new Election Nerds YouTube channel! We’re currently putting our old episodes up there and new ones will automatically go up from our next show. We may get some video too going soon!

Meanwhile, we need 100 subscribers to get a bespoke, custom and free-range URL for the channel. So if you have a Google Account, go over and subscribe today!

Here’s the current, unpleasant URL for the channel:


2016 Federal Election Election Nerds Official Drinking Game Rules

Recurrent guest, guest host, and host of the Knowing Animals podcast, Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan has kindly provided a list of official Election Nerds drinking game rules for election night 2016.

You can download a printable version here: Drinking Game Rules (PDF)

The rules:

At any time throughout Election Night 2016 you may find waves of hopelessness wash over you. If you need to take a swig at any point please do so. You have to look after yourself!

You must drink each time hear the following:

  • ‘Labor-Greens alliance’.
  • ‘Chaos in the Senate’.
  • ‘Too close to call’.
  • ‘Working families’.
  • ANY ‘three word slogan’.
  • Something said seriously that you are sure you heard on ‘Utopia’, ‘the Hollowmen’ or ‘The Thick of it’.
  • ‘Australia has voted’.
  • ‘Protest vote’.
  • ‘Voter disillusionment’.
  • ‘Leadership spill’.
  • ‘Jobs’
  • ‘Growth’
  • ‘This is a vote for….’
  • ‘Political mandate…’
  • ‘The experts’
  • ‘The polls’
  • ‘This is a seat to watch’

The Antony Green special round. You must drink:

  • Each time Antony looks smug.
  • Every time he gets frustrated with his computer/the technology.
  • Every time he talks while the wrong graphic is on screen.
  • Each time he tries to explain things that nobody has any chance of understanding.
  • When he finally shakes his head and announces that there is no way party X can possibly win.

You should also drink when:

  • A candidate loses their seat and then loses their s*it on national television.
  • A candidate loses their seat and then immediately points the finger of blame.
  • A candidate is clearly drunk.
  • A candidate talks to camera while somebody carries on drunk in the background shot.
  • A candidate talks to camera and political handlers usher out unsuitable background shot people.
  • A politician is invited into the TV studio to share their expert opinion and then just spouts the same old partisan political lines.
  • Somebody makes a joke and a right wing political commentator can’t manage a smile.


When Bill Shorten takes the stage to deliver his concession speech, scull any alcohol still remaining in the house. It has been a long night, a long campaign, and you deserve it.

Time for bed!

More praise for the Nerds!

The Guardian newspaper have kindly listed the Election Nerds as one of the best Australia 2016 Election podcasts, stating:

The show excels at breaking down complicated subjects, such as how positions on the ballot paper affect votes, and how trends in voting have shifted over time. Putting four academics in a room to talk about policy details seems like it could be a disaster but their decades of research experience sets the show apart.

Which now makes us think: How do you actually win a Logie?  But in all seriousness, its just lovely to be nominated.

See the full list here:

Happy International Women’s Day!

The Election Nerds celebrates International Women’s Day today, 8th March 2016. The theme of which is the Pledge for Parity in women’s social, economic, and political representation (#PledgeforParity).

In the spirit of the Pledge, we’ve crunched our numbers to ask: how well does the Election Nerds include and represent women’s voices.

On the surface, our performance looks good.  We have equal representation of men and women as show hosts.  That’s great!

Since 2013 we have had 17 unique female guests and 24 male guests (41.5% to 58.5%), which is less great.

Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!