Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Budget Wrap-up Show

In which the nerds revisit the 2016 federal budget, examining aspects of the budget that were overlooked in the initial reporting, linking the budget with longer-term policy making and trends, identify gaps and structural defects in this most political of policy documents.

Hosts Dr Stewart Jackson and Dr Amanda Elliot are joined by:

  • Dr David Bond, Lecturer in Accounting from the UTS, and
  • Dr Elizabeth Hill, Lecturer in Political Economy from the University of Sydney

2016 Eurovision Special

In which regular host, Dr Amanda Elliot is joined by guest hosts Associate Professor Anika Gauja and Daniel Skold to discuss the ins, outs, ups and downs of the 2016 Eurovision contest.

In the second annual Eurovision special, the hosts are joined by:

  • Dr Jess Carniel, School of Arts and Communication, University of Southern Queensland.
  • Professor Alison Lewis, School of Languages and Linguistics, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Lukasz Swiatek, Department of Media & Communications, University of Sydney

And discuss the Eurovision audience in Australia and abroad, Eurovision’s push into Asia, what Eurovision tells us about European politics and society, controversies, and the research of newly minted Dr Swiatek’s research on the production side of major events of this kind.

2016 Federal Election Weekly Wrap-up, episode 1

In which the Nerds, in an act of extreme political science insight, have organised their first election wrap up show for the very day the 2016 federal election is officially announced. With guests:

… hosts Dr Amanda Elliot and Dr Stewart Jackson discuss the narratives shaping up the election contest, and key seats to watch given the shape of recent polling.