Monthly Archives: March 2017

W.A.y Out West WA Election Wrap-up show

In which the Nerds dissect the 2017 Western Australian state election, looking at the context of the outgoing Liberal government, the campaign and key issues, players and results, and the incoming ALP government, its faces and challenges.

Your hosts:

  • Dr Stewart Jackson, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
  • Dr Amanda Elliot, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney

With their guests:

  • Dr Ian Cook, Senior Lecturer, Murdoch University
  • Professor Rodney Smith, Professor of Australian Politics, University of Sydney
  • Ben Raue, Electoral Analyst,

With! Bonus! Post-show podcast extra discussions of the implications of the election for the participants, and wider Australian politics, and a detailed discussion of the recent Dutch national elections!

The Nerds’ New Content Partner

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve become a partner with the POP Politics Australia blog and will be syndicating show content into their feed from this Sunday.

We’re a good fit for POP Politics, as they:

explore both established and new forms of political participation and organisation. The POP Politics Blog is intended to stimulate the work of the group and foster connections between academic and practice based researchers.  It aims to promote and broaden the debate about political participation and organisations in critical and reflective way.

Sound interesting?  Check out their great posts: