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Future of Work Show

In which the nerds discuss the direction of employment of work, the implications of changing employment around the world: what changes are coming, and how we can react to change.


  • Dr Amanda Elliot, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney
  • Dr Peter Chen, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney


  • Alexandra Heron, Research Associate, Women, Work & Leadership Research Group, The University of Sydney Business School
  • Associate Professor Sarah Kaine, Management Disciple, University of Technology Sydney
  • Professor John Buchanan, The University of Sydney Business School

Includes extra discussion in the podcast extra chat.

Podcast Special: Interview with Nicholas Munn

A full length interview with Dr Nicholas Munn (University of Waikato), recorded at the 2016 Australian Political Studies Association conference at UNSW Australia.

The subject of the interview was his paper, titled “Voting, Rights and Compulsion”.

The abstract for the paper is:

    In this paper, I examine the benefits to democratic legitimacy conferred by compulsory voting regimes, and question the degree to which these benefits in fact arise from the fact of compulsion, rather than from other aspects of institutional practice which occur (in a jurisdiction like Australia) concurrently with it. In particular, I argue that a significant amount of the benefit of compulsory voting comes not from the fact of voting being compulsory, but from the infrastructure which is required to reasonably support a compulsory voting system. Where this is the case, it is the provision of sufficient voting infrastructure that generates the democratic advantages appealed to by proponents of compulsory voting, and this infrastructure is positive independently of compulsion. I explore whether compulsory voting is a) necessary for, or b) the best way to achieve, the desired outcomes of widespread participation and resulting legitimacy in democratic outcomes. I claim that we can achieve these outcomes without compulsion, and discuss whether we should attempt to do so.

Social Policy Show

In which the nerds dig deep into one of the largest areas of the budget and an under-considered topic in the 2016 federal election: social policy.  What’s been going on, what are the tenancies of policy makers, and what are the future directions of this key area of the policy process.  We discuss employment, welfare services, inequality, participation, and the future of the welfare state in a globalised context.


  • Dr Amanda Elliot, Department of Sociology, University of Sydney
  • Dr Stewart Jackson, Department of Government, University of Sydney


  • Associate Professor Susan Goodwin, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Gaby Ramia, Department of Government, University of Sydney

With additional post show chatter/ cynicism!

Indigenous politics and policy show

In which the nerds discuss the topic of indigenous politics and policy. With Guest:

  • Dr Diana Perche, Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University

    Following a debrief on Brexit, the nerds consider what issues associated with indigenous policy have been announced by the major parties, issues that have managed to come onto the political agenda, such as the issue of a treaty, and the role of the National Congress of Australia’s First People in promoting a range of policy concerns through the Redfern Statement.

  • The Budget Wrap-up Show

    In which the nerds revisit the 2016 federal budget, examining aspects of the budget that were overlooked in the initial reporting, linking the budget with longer-term policy making and trends, identify gaps and structural defects in this most political of policy documents.

    Hosts Dr Stewart Jackson and Dr Amanda Elliot are joined by:

    • Dr David Bond, Lecturer in Accounting from the UTS, and
    • Dr Elizabeth Hill, Lecturer in Political Economy from the University of Sydney

    Podcast exclusive extra: Malcolm’s World of Work

    In this exclusive Election Nerds podcast extra, we talk about the new Innovation Agenda strongly promoted by the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. In this interview, we explore the origins, meanings, implications and ambiguities of this agenda. We ask: is it really new? and the type of policy settings that underpin the concepts.

    In conversation:

    Recorded in the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, University of Technology Sydney, on 25 February 2016