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Red Scare show

In which the Nerds consider the recent media coverage of Chinese influence on Australian politics, and the outcome of the 2017 – completely unnecessary – UK national election.

Your hosts:

  • Dr Stewart Jackson, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
  • Dr Amanda Elliot, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney

With their guests:

  • Associate Professor James Reilly, Department of Government and IR, Sydney ‎
  • Dr Diarmuid Maguire, Department of Government and IR, Sydney

With bonus post-show chatter that will turn you into an instant DUP expert!

Podcast Special: Interview with Meagan Tyler

A full length interview with Dr Meagan Tyler (RMIT University), recorded at the 2016 Australian Political Studies Association conference at UNSW Australia.

The subject of the interview was his paper, titled “The ‘Nordic Model’, prostitution policy, and women’s rights in Australia”

The abstract for the paper is:

    Prostitution policy in Australia is determined at the state and territory level, consequently, there are various approaches taken across the country. Some states have introduced systems of legalisation or decriminalisation, while other states have criminalisation or de facto criminalisation, often based on long out-dated laws. Problems with each of these existing approaches have led to a number of reviews and inquiries regarding prostitution policy in different Australian states and territories since 2010. During this same time period, a relatively new form of prostitution policy has been gaining traction internationally. Originating in Sweden, and increasingly known as the ‘Nordic Model’, this legislative approach is a type of asymmetric decriminalisation: all prostituted persons are decriminalised, but the purchase of sex is made illegal. Central elements of this model include a recognition of prostitution as a serious site of violence against women and an understanding that the existence of systems of prostitution hampers efforts to achieve gender equality. Many of the recent prostitution reviews in Australia mention the Nordic Model, but have most often dismissed it as an unfeasible policy option. This paper will provide a theoretical, thematic analysis of the understandings of the Nordic Model provided in these reviews. In particular, the analysis will consider if and how the elements of the Nordic Model relating to women’s rights, violence against women, and gender equality, are dealt with in the Australian context.

2016 Weekly Wrap-Up Show number 4

In which the nerds review week 5 of the 2016 Australian Federal Election.  With Guests:

  • Professor Rodney Smith, University of Sydney
  • Professor Ariadne Vromen, University of Sydney

The Nerds discuss the federal nature of the debate, drivers behind localism and if the 2016 campaign is more local than previous years.  They also consider issues of political use of public funding, youth participation and policy issues concerning young people.

In the podcast extra, the Nerds consider and reject concerns about political violence in Australia, and discuss the issue of economic participation of younger people.

Reproductive Rights Show

The Nerds’s first show of the election season beings with Sophie Mirabella clearing the decks with her claim that $10 million wasn’t spent in her former electorate, but then digs deep into:

  • The status of reproductive rights in Australia with Dr Helen Pringle from the School of Social Sciences, UNSW Australia,
  • US-Australian relations, and new research about the relationship between politics and the emotions with Dr Lloyd Cox, and
  • Federalism debates with Professor Anne Twomey of the University of Sydney’s Law School