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Podcast Special: Interview with Joanna Vince

A full length interview with Dr Joanna Vince (University of Tasmania), recorded at the 2016 Australian Political Studies Association conference at UNSW Australia.

The subject of the interview was his paper, titled Swimming in plastic soup: Governance solutions to the marine debris problem”, written with Britta Denise Hardesty (CSIRO).

The abstract for the paper is:

    Plastic marine debris has been found in every ocean and coastal area in the world (STAP 2011; Ivar do Sul & Costa 2014). The impacts on the marine ecosystem are profound with nearly 700 marine species being found to interact with marine debris through ingestion and/or entanglement (Gall & Thompson 2015; GEF 2012). It is estimated that three quarters or more of litter in our ocean comes from land-based sources (Hardesty et al. 2014) making this as much a transboundary global problem as a local issue. Governance arrangements, at present, are unable to provide the necessary solutions to large scale mitigation, prevention and/or removal of marine debris. We examine the governance arrangements on a global level, and Australia’s national and local policy responses. We identify community and market based strategies that are making progress with prevention and removal where government policies are lagging behind. We argue that a new, legally binding international agreement will provide guidance to mitigation on a global scale and that nationally a large scale integrated policy approach can make a difference to the marine debris problem in Australian waters. Integrated policy approaches, also known as type VIII policies (Howlett and del Rio 2015) are regarded as the most complex and difficult policy mixes. Despite being been prone to policy failure as suggested by Vince (2015), we argue that due to the complex, transboundary nature of the marine debris problem and the urgency for mitigation, it is the policy solution that may be most effective.

2016 APSA Conference Special

In which the Nerds take a break and rely on that old standard of sitcoms the world over, a clip show.  But in a special “election nerds” twist, provide clips from upcoming “podcast only” special interviews from the 2016 Australian Political Studies Association Conference, held at the University of NSW (Australia).


  • Dr Stewart Jackson, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney
  • Dr Amanda Elliot, Department of Sociology, University of Sydney


  • Joanna Vince, University of Tasmania
  • Rachel Eberhard, Queensland University of Technology
  • Lyndal Hasselman, IGPA, University of Canberra
  • Hannah Murphy-Gregory, University of Tasmania
  • Nicholas Munn, University of Waikato
  • Aaron Martin, University of Melbourne
  • Ben Spies-Butcher, Macquarie University
  • Shaun Ratcliff, Monash University
  • Heath Whiley, University of Tasmania
  • Farah Naz , University of Sydney
  • Katharine Gelber, University of Queensland
  • Kcasey McLoughlin, University of Newcastle
  • Meagan Tyler, RMIT University